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The Wisdom
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The Band

EXALT Technologies, our partner in Ramallah, Palestine has a dedicated team of developers and
QA specialists helping in the implementation and testing of the Headbox platform.


OH MY GOD, FINALLY, SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE WANT! This is not sarcasm, I will pay you for this when you finally start charging for it!


Android users of the world, rejoice! Unified messaging that functions smoothly and well is upon us! Seriously though, as far as unified messaging is concerned, this is what I've been waiting for.


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One Feed

Conveniently streaming all your inbound; Phone, SMS, FB messanger, Hangouts and more into one place.

Social Chat

Get in on the latest social updates of those who matter when it matters most.

One Thread

Essential! See your complete thread of conversation with any person clearly in one place.

Smart Outbound

Your Retro Dialer shows you the fastest, best way to connect to others. !